2019 Spiral Civil War Missouri Passport book


Visit all the Civil War 40* battle sites and museums in Missouri mentioned in this passport book, collect the corresponding stamp for each location, and you can receive a Certificate of Completion.

BOOK UPGRADES: If you have already started your passport journey and have stamps, send us pictures of your stamp pages to mopassport2019@gmail.com and they will be duplicated on the spiral book—this excludes Wilson’s Creek & Pea Ridge National Battlefields. You must send us a note at the time of purchase if you have stamps that you want placed in the spiral version.

*There are 32 different sites – some sites carry two stamps, like Newtonia, Independence, Centralia, Belmont, Island No. 10, Dry Wood, Byram’s Ford, and Little Blue River.



2019 Civil War Missouri Passport book

Editor: Col. Jerry R. Fry, USA, Retired

ISBN-10: 1645503003

ISBN-13: 9781645503002

100 pages, 5.05″ x 7.8″ paperback

Publication date: June 2019