Consolidated Index Vol. 1 to 11


Almost 30,000 names of members of military service and other participants in the war appear in Volumes 1 through 11 of this series. Each volume is indexed, but this volume makes searching for your ancestors in these volumes faster. Whereas the article may reference a participant only as ‘Private Smith,’ with the use of other articles and resources, the author was able to index these participants with their first name and county identification intact.

Missouri in the Civil War was the center of many events that shaped the course of the War of Rebellion. Because of the turbulence of this era, many events that effected the lives of individuals were not officially recorded but may remain in family lore, which are hard to verity as to locality and time period. To locate this information these volumes contain both individual, local and military events that flesh out names, dates, and locations where such occurrences took place.

Although some papers were closed down by the military authorities, those that remain are a gold mine of information because journalist were able to paint a word picture that brought many events to life and can be found no where else except in existing newspaper which were the clearing house of information. Although few county papers exist today, some had articles copy written in other papers, especially the St. Louis papers where the seat of power was maintained during much of the war. Thus, you might find articles about Springfield, Lexington, Joplin, or any county or city in the State.

The types of articles included in these volumes are marriages, deaths, letters to the editor, military organization, guerrilla or bushwhacker attacks, military arrests/imprisonment/releases, military commissions and court martials, military organizations and individuals in various units that record information not found in the official records or expand on them in detail. In addition, appointments or removal from office, boards, teacher assignments, religious appointments, draft lists, accidents to individuals, civil trials, inquests of death, divorces, or anything that may tie an Individual and an event that shaped the lives of families and formed the basis of American exceptionalism.

Many of these articles have been reformatted to help better locate Individuals and a 2-letter code has been assigned to each name to identity the county or state of residence if known. In addition, the first names or initials were added to military names when only the rank and surname of individuals was given.


Missourians in the Civil War, Consolidated Index Vol. 1 to 11

Compiled by Kenneth E. Weant

163 pages, 8.5″x11″ paperbound

Publishing date: 2016