Program Endorsed by Missouri 2021


The Civil War Missouri Passport Program ends on December 31, 2021 – this has been extended a year.

Dear Passport Program Participant:

Welcome to the Civil War Missouri Passport program. We hope you will find this program both fun and educational. See the Missouri map below showing all of the sites participating in this program. We hope you take the time to enjoy more than just the Civil War sites as you travel the beautiful “Show-me State”. (www.visitmo.com)

Currently, there is no statewide organized effort to preserve Missouri Civil War heritage, arguably the most interesting of all the states; and a case can be made for the fact that Missouri suffered more from that war than any other state. Even so, that history has almost been forgotten, and many do not even realize that Missouri played a major role in the first year of the war. One major hurdle is some of the sites that are still open to the public are currently “on life support” and in danger of closing.

During the time we have been working on this book, we have watched one civil war museum close, and were told by one historical society they could not afford to participate because of the stamp cost; luckily the Chamber of Commerce came through and that town now has a stamp site. Considering the U.S. Department of Interior feels both of those battle sites are significant and worthy of preserving the demise of one and the poor condition of the other are to be lamented. It is the goal of this Foundation to reverse that trend.

As we are working to keep Missouri’s history alive for the benefit of future generations, with a focus on the civil war, so their sacrifices are not inadvertently ignored. Hopefully, the interest demonstrated by passport participants will encourage site managers to apply for federal funds for the preservation and improvement of their sites.

Please take a moment to thank the volunteers at the different sites for their work at preserving Missouri Civil War history. Through their efforts, we learn of the turmoil across the state and hardships endured by many. Please, also consider volunteering with your local historical society, museum, or historical site.

Meet Our Team:
Jerry Fry, Editor and Founder
Mel Gilbert, public relations and speaker
Blanca Madani, copy editor
Teresa Smith, website manager and marketing
Doreen Woodward, Missouri civil war site liaison
Jackie Worth, skilled map maker (cartographer)