Guidelines for the Program

Guidelines for the Civil War Missouri Passport Program – Every stamp is a story!

This travel-sized journal is the perfect tool to learn more about Missouri Civil War history.  Each site has a unique stamp and story – collect them all to receive a certificate!

How it Works:

  1. The Civil War Missouri Passport may be purchased at most stamp sites, and this website.
  2. Once you have your book, place your name, address and phone number in the space under “Westport and Wilson’s Creek” on the last stamp page.
  3. Start your adventure by visiting the sites, and having your book stamped at each location.
  4. Once you receive a stamp from each site, you are eligible for a Certificate of Completion!


  1. The Civil War Missouri Passport Program begins in March 2019, and ends on December 31, 2020.
  2. If you visit a passport stamping site, but are not able to get a stamp, have a picture taken of you at the site in front of the building or sign. Suggestion – call the site before visiting to ensure they will be open.
  3. At your final stamp site, where you obtain the last stamp necessary to fill your book and qualify for a certificate, request the staff person to note the time stamped near the date stamp, and put his/her initials by that date as well. (Note: this step is only necessary at your last site.) Then, take a picture of yourself in front of the building or a sign at that location as a souvenir of your accomplishment.
  4. If you visited the site but were not able to have your passport stamped, send a request for the stamp, enclosing the picture you had taken of yourself at the site along with your contact information, to one of the following addresses:
  5. For State Park sites, send to: Passport Program, Missouri State Parks, 1659 E. Elm Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101, or e-mail to
    For all other sites (except Pea Ridge and Wilson’s Creek), send to Fry’s Lyon Foundation, Inc., c/o Mel L. Gilbert, Esq., P. O. Box 648, Buffalo, MO 65622, or e-mail to
    We are unable to provide stamps for Pea Ridge and Wilson’s Creek; you must deal directly with them.
    Upon receipt of your request by the State Park system or Fry’s Lyon Foundation, a stamp will be mailed, or e-mailed, for you to cut to size and paste into your book.
  6. Once your stamp collection is complete, within fourteen days, make a photocopy of the stamped pages at the back of your passport. Mail or e-mail these copies, as well as the picture taken of you at your final site, to Fry’s Lyon Foundation, Inc., c/o Mel L. Gilbert, Esq., P. O. Box 648, Buffalo, MO 65622, or e-mail to Your certificate will be sent to you in whatever format you submitted your information (USPS mail or e-mail).
  7. We plan to create a finishers board on our website (, “Civil War Missouri Travelers”, to highlight those people who have completed our program. If you wish to be included, please provide us with permission to post your name and picture at the final site when you submit your materials for the certificate of completion.
  8. All certificates will be issued with a sequence number, based on the date and time of the last site visited, so it is important that you submit your request to us within fourteen (14) days of completion. To correctly identify your sequence, we will hold all requests for fourteen (14) days, to ensure that we give the lowest number to the next person completing their book.
  9. Currently, the end date to this program is December 31, 2020.  Certificates will be issued to all participants completing their book by that date, providing they submit their request no later than February 28, 2021.