Additional Resources

Friend and Foe Alike: Tour Guide to Missouri’s Civil War by Gregory Wolk (2010) Excellent guidebook for examining sites statewide in a single volume. An excellent resource for tourists and students alike.  [Distributor Index Link

The Civil War Missouri Compendium: Almost Unabridged by Joseph W. McCoskrie, Jr. and Brian Warren (2017) An excellent chronological overview of more than 300 of the documented engagements that took place in Missouri, with photos, maps, biographical sketches and military tactics. [Distributor Index Link]

Genealogy Research Publications [70+ Volumes]: Compiled by Kenneth E. Weant Missourians in the Civil War, Consolidated Index Vol. 1 to 11. Almost 30,000 names of members of military service and other participants in the war appear in Volumes 1 through 11 of this series. Each volume is indexed, but this volume makes searching for your ancestors in these volumes faster. Whereas the article may referenAce a participant only as ‘Private Smith,’ with the use of other articles and resources, the author was able to index these participants with their first name and county identification intact. 163 pages.[Distributor Index Link]


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