Press Release


As the “Show Me State” embarks on its 200th year, the Missouri 2021 Bicentennial Alliance is working to develop and promote statewide projects commemorating Missouri’s bicentennial. One of the programs it has endorsed is the Missouri Civil War Passport Program, created by Fry’s Lyon Foundation, Inc., an educational foundation dedicated to promoting the study of Missouri’s Civil War history, and increasing Civil War-related tourism in the state.

In 1990, Congress established the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission to identify Civil War battle sites deemed worthy of preservation for their historical significance. After evaluating some 10,500 conflict sites, the Commission identified 384 battlefields as historically significant. Twenty-nine (29) of the sites selected are in Missouri. Since, before now, there was no statewide organized effort to preserve Missouri Civil War heritage, which is arguably the most interesting of all the states (and a case can be made for the fact that Missouri suffered more from that war than any other state), the Trustees of Fry’s Lyon Foundation, Inc. added six (6) battle sites it considers significant, and five (5) museums to the passport program.

The Civil War Missouri Passport book is an excellent tool to learn about Missouri’s Civil War history while also visiting the different part of the state as they gather the stamps required to receive a certificate of completion. Once all stamps have been acquired, passport book holders qualify for a Certificate of Completion. The Bicentennial project runs from April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022.

Civil War Missouri Passport Books may be purchased at some of the sites listed in the book*, or from There are two sizes of books offered, one for $12 and one for $14. A few of the books with “2019” on the front cover are still available for $10. Books sold by have the cost of shipping added, while shipping is not included in books sold at sites; however, not all sites sell passport book. Visitors should call ahead to ensure the site you will be visiting has copies of the book. If a site is visited before a book has been purchased, have a stamp placed on a piece of paper and tape it into your book later, or take a selfie/photo next to an identifiable sign at the site as an acceptable as proof of visit.

*See list of sites that sell the book on the Obtaining Passport Books section.