Belmont PP.27

First attack of war led by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant 
Forces Engaged: Union 3,000 vs. CSA 5,000

Marker Location: N 36o45.952′, W 89o 07.429′. From Wilson City, go south on Rt. 77 for 11 miles. At Rt. 80 turn left, go 6 miles to water’s edge.
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On November 6, 1861, General Grant with two gunboats and a half-dozen troop transport steamboats carrying two combat brigades of just over 3000 men departed south out of Cairo. The next morning Grant’s force disembarked at Hunter’s Farm three miles above Belmont, but out of sight of the artillery battery at Columbus, KY, across from the steamboat landing at Belmont, Grant’s objection. Belmont landing was occupied by a detachment of troops from Columbus, giving the Confederates control of both sides of the Mississippi at that point.

After the landing, Grant’s troops moved down the toward Belmont surprising and overrunning the Confederate force at that location. However, Grant lost control of his men as they celebrated their victory, which gave the Confederates that fled the attack an opportunity to regroup and forces from across the river to cross and join the battle. In the end, Grant’s force had to fight their way back to their transport and barely escape the pursuing Confederates. After the battle, both sides declared a victory.

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