Independence I


Independence PP.19

CSA Army forces with a guerrilla force under William Quantrill attacked a Union Army camp, killing many asleep in tents before they organized a defense. Union casualties were high, but the CSA forces had three colonels killed. After the Union surrendered, 150 soldiers were paroled.

The restored Independence Jail is worth a visit to learn how the citizens of Independence suffered during the war. 

Bushwhacker Jail

Forces Engaged: Union 300 vs. CSA 700-800


Stamp Location: National Frontier Trails Museum
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For battle information, contact:
The Civil War Round Table of Western Missouri,


Here’s an article about the battle from the website, Civil War on the Western Border.…/first-battle-indep…

INTERIOR DEPT. SUMMARY:  On August 11, 1862, Col. J. T. Hughes’s Confederate force, including William Quantrill, attacked Independence, at dawn, in two columns on different roads. They drove through the town to the Union Army camp, capturing, killing, and scattering the Yankees. Lt. Col. James T. Buel, commander of the garrison, attempted to hold out in one of the buildings with some of his men. Soon the building next to them was on fire, threatening them. Buel then, by means of a flag of truce, arranged a meeting with the Confederate commander, Col. G. W. Thompson, who had replaced Col. J. T. Hughes, killed earlier. Buel surrendered and about 150 of his men were paroled, the others had escaped, hidden, or been killed. Having taken Independence, the Rebel force headed for Kansas City. Confederate dominance in the Kansas City area continued, but not for long.

Principal Commanders: Lt. Col. James T. Buel [US]; Col. J. T. Hughes and Col. G. W. Thompson [CS]
Estimated Casualties: Total unknown (US approx. 344; CS unknown)
Result: Confederate victory