Newtonia II


Last battle of the Civil War fought in Missouri; a delaying action fought by CSA Brig. Gen. Shelby’s cavalry in an effort to cover Gen. Price’s retreat into Arkansas after his failed 1864 raid into Missouri. 

Forces Engaged: Union 1,500 vs. CSA 2,000


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INTERIOR DEPT. SUMMARY: Price’s force was in full retreat following its expedition into Missouri. On October 28, 1864, it stopped to rest about two miles south of Newtonia, Missouri. Soon afterward, Maj. Gen. James G. Blunt’s Union troops surprised the Confederates and began to drive them. Brig. Gen. Joe Shelby’s division, including his Iron Brigade, rode to the front, dismounted, and engaged the Yankees while the other Rebel troops retreated towards Indian Territory. Brig. Gen. John B. Sanborn later appeared with Union reinforcements which convinced Shelby to retire. The Union troops forced the Confederates to retreat but failed to destroy or capture them.

Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. James G. Blunt [US]; Maj. Gen. Sterling Price [CS]
Estimated Casualties: 650 total (US 400; CS 250)
Result: Union victory