Passport Program Anniversary, March 15, 2021

Two years ago today, Fry’s Lyon Foundation and Missouri State Parks launched the Missouri Civil War Passport Program from the Capitol Rotunda in Jefferson City.

Initially, the Certificate of Completion program was only scheduled to last one year. However, after being selected as one of the Missouri 2021 Bicentennial Alliance programs, the Certificate of Completion program was extended to the end of 2021. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many of the stamp sites were forced to close, and understandably, many program participants elected not to travel. Therefore, we are using the occasion of the second anniversary of the launching of the Passport Program to announce that the Certificate of Completion program will be extended to the end of 2022!

In closing, we would like to thank the employees and volunteers at the different stamp sites that went out of their way to accommodate stamp-seeking visitors, even though their site was officially closed. Through your efforts, six Certificates of Completion were awarded in 2020 despite the pandemic.

PICTURE: Attorney Mel Gilbert, of Buffalo, one of the founders of the Passport Program, speaking during the March 15, 2019 launch ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda, Jefferson City.